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YSA uses BASRA certified referees to officiate games.

Referee Certification Procedures for 2019

      The 2019 Referee Certification course is now open. If you obtained your certification last fall it is good for this year, you will only need to attend the classroom and field session for review.  
      To register as a new official or renew your referee license you will need to go to: https://montana.gameofficials.net/public/default.cfm You will need to sign up for the grade 8 course, finish the modules, and take the final exam. The modules will lock you out if you don’t have a passing score after several attempts. If this happens please email magicassignor@gmail.com it will be reset in 24-48 hours. You may continue working through other modules if you’d like. If you fail the final exam, hit review and you can see what you missed. You can retake the exam until a passing score is recorded.  
     All new referees or those with 3 years or less experience need to attend one full day of classroom and field training. Those with more than 3 years need to attend one meeting. The Classroom and Field Sessions are as follows:

  • Tuesday, Feb 19th (6pm-8pm): Grade 8 > 3 years @ Sanderson-Stewart
  • Saturday, Feb 23rd (8am-4pm): New grade 8 and those < 3 years @ City College
  • Sunday, Feb 24th (8am-4pm): New grade 8 and those < 3 years @ City College
  • Sunday, March 17th (9am-12pm): All levels @ Amend (Field Session only)
  • Saturday, March 23rd (8am-4pm): New grade 8 and those < 3 years @ City College
  • Tuesday, Mar 26th (6pm-8pm): Grade 8 > 3 years @ Sanderson-Stewart
     The new referee dates will be all day with classroom sessions from 8am-12pm, break for lunch 12pm-1pm, field session 1:30pm-4pm.  
     If you have any questions regarding the certification process please feel free to contact Chad Kriskovich, BASRA President at dockrisko@gmail.com  
     All referees should join the BASRA Yahoo Group to get all the up to date information for referees. The instructions on how to join are below.

Instructions for Self-Subscribing to the BASRA mailing list on Yahoo Groups

     This mailing list is used by the Billings Area Soccer Referee Association (BASRA) as well as local soccer clubs in the community to communicate important information regarding referee certification times and dates; officiating opportunities; etc. via email. Registration is especially important for and referee (and parent of a youth referee), as this mailing list will be used as the primary means of communicating important information about upcoming events and deadlines. But everyone else in the Billings area who would like to stay informed are welcome to subscribe. Signing up is free, completely automated, and very simple.  
     To register, do the following:  
     1. Send a blank email message to basramt-subscribe@yahoogroups.com, using the email account that you would like to register. You do not need to type anything in the message body of subject heading - a blank message is all that is required.  
     2. Check your email every few seconds until you get the automated response that will be sent to you. You do not need to click on any of the links in the email message you receive. By just hitting the reply and send buttons on your email program, you will confirm your subscription and be added to the mailing list. Be sure to reply to the confirmation request - until you confirm your subscription request, your email address will not be added to the mailing list. See the screenshot below for an example of what the confirmation email looks like.
      3. If your email provider uses a spam or junk email filter of any kind, be sure to add basramt@yahoogroups.com to your list of ‘approved senders’ so that messages to the mailing list do not get misidentified as spam or junk email. Once your email address has been registered, you will receive any email notices sent by the MCSC. You can also register more than one email address (for example, to receive messages both at home & at work). Just repeat the above signup process from each email account that you wish to register with the mailing list.
      As indicated above, you will receive an automated response to your subscription request in the form of an email that looks like the one below. This email describes two different ways to confirm your subscription to the list. Option 1 involves the use of a Yahoo login, which you will be prompted to create if you don’t already have one. Option 2, highlighted in red, is the simplest and does not require a Yahoo account.



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